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World’s Biggest Law Firm Splits Off Its Business In China


In a significant development within the legal industry, the world's largest law firm has made a strategic decision. The world’s biggest law firm splits off its business in China. Dentons, a global legal giant, has opted to separate its Chinese operations from the rest of its business.

This move comes as a response to the evolving legal and economic landscape in China and holds implications for both the firm itself and the broader legal environment.

The world’s biggest law firm splits off its business in China. The firm's Chinese operations, which were integrated into its global structure, will now function as an independent entity. This move represents a strategic shift to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities within the Chinese legal market.

The decision to split off Dentons' Chinese operations is reflective of the complexities associated with conducting legal business in a nation marked by its distinct legal framework, cultural nuances, and economic dynamics.

In an internal memo that was published with CNN on Tuesday, the company informed clients of the change this week. According to Dentons, its China division will function as a separate legal company as of this month. Its Hong Kong practice would continue to be a part of Dentons without change.

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The Chinese organization will continue to cooperate with Dentons as a "preferred firm" and conduct business under its current local name, "Dacheng."

The restructuring, according to Dentons, was done in response to "new mandates and requirements relating to data privacy, cybersecurity, capital control, and governance."

The firm said in a statement:

While our legal relationship is changing, we will continue working together to meet our clients’ needs.- Dentons

China's legal landscape is intricate and dynamic, characterized by a blend of civil law and socialist legal traditions. For global law firms like Dentons, adapting to China's unique legal system while maintaining international standards can be a formidable challenge. The split allows Dentons to tailor its approach to the specific needs of the Chinese market, leveraging local expertise and insights.

Dentons did not go into further detail regarding the regulatory changes that led to its action, but in April, China broadened the definition of handling "documents, data, materials, or items related to national security and interests" in an already comprehensive counter-espionage law. The action alarmed foreign companies operating there.

The decision to separate Dentons' Chinese operations holds implications for both the firm's global operations and its presence within China. From a global perspective, the split allows Dentons to maintain a nimble approach to each region's legal intricacies, ensuring that local expertise is maximized. This may enhance the firm's ability to provide tailored services to clients across different jurisdictions.


The world’s biggest law firm splits off its business in China. Dentons' decision to split off its Chinese operations is emblematic of the modern legal industry's need to balance global outreach with regional adaptation. The complexities of China's legal landscape, combined with evolving economic and political dynamics, have driven this strategic maneuver.

By embracing a tailored approach to its operations, Dentons aims to not only enhance its ability to navigate China's unique legal framework but also to position itself for continued growth and success in a rapidly changing world. This move underscores the importance of staying attuned to local nuances while maintaining a global perspective in the pursuit of legal excellence.

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