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United States Supreme Court Continues Audio Live Stream Of Arguments


United States Supreme Court continues audio live stream of arguments. When did this happen? This happened on Wednesday (September 28, 2022).

United States Supreme Court adopted first this in 2020 when the COVID-19 epidemic forced the closing of its courtroom. Now, the United States supreme court continues audio live stream of arguments that will start on October 3.

The top court in the United States decided to keep broadcasting live audio to the public but continued to forbid any video coverage of its hearings, which has been criticized by some as showing a lack of transparency in its operations.

The court altered its procedures and closed its doors to the public early in the epidemic in an effort to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

It started hearing oral arguments via teleconference in May 2020 rather than in person, with the public being given access to a live audio broadcast for the first time. A year ago, the justices resumed oral arguments in their fancy courtroom in front of a live audience.

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Although he did not address the topic of an audio broadcast at the moment, Chief Justice John Roberts stated on September 9 in Colorado that the public will be permitted back into the courtroom during the future term.

An inside view of US Supreme Court
An inside view of US Supreme Court

Despite stating that its facility "would otherwise be closed to the public until further notice," the Supreme Court on Wednesday (September 28, 2022) affirmed that it will offer seating for the public to witness oral arguments.

The statement was made Wednesday after the justices had their first private meeting of the new term. American lawmakers asked the Supreme Court to make the live audio access permanent so that institutions would be more open to the public.

The court has not yet decided whether to preserve the live audio, but Justice Elena Kagan stated that she "personally would prefer to have the live stream" at a Sept. 12 event in New York.

According to Kagan:

I think that live streaming has worked very well and we've seen no problems with it. But I only get one vote of nine.- Justice Elena Kagan

Even though lawmakers and people who want to change the way courts work have asked the Supreme Court to change its policy, cameras are still not allowed in courtrooms.


United States supreme court continues audio live stream of arguments. This action is a victory for advocates of more transparency, who have for a long time asked the justices to make their arguments more accessible to the general public.

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