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Types Of Amethyst - Discover The Charm Of Each One


There are different types of amethyst. Amethyst is beautiful, calming, and interesting with its distinctive deep violet tones. It has been a prized gem for generations since it may be found anywhere and is said to have a variety of medicinal and spiritual powers.

It might be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection because of its brilliant and distinctive hue, its lengthy history, and the range of shapes and colors available to contemporary jewelry producers. Let's look at some of the amethyst varieties you may not be familiar with.

What Is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a kind of quartz that can be found in a range of purple and violet hues. This strange color is caused by the interaction between the iron in each crystal and the gamma rays that pass through them.

For several reasons, not the least of which being its distinctive hue and straightforward moldability in the gem market, it is regarded as one of the most popular and expensive quartz gemstones.

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The eye-catching, but not too expensive, materials often include a wide range of jewelry and other decorative items, like big, natural geodes and beautiful statement beads.

The term "amethyst," which means "sober," comes from the Greek word "amethysts" (also known as amethyst).

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, gave the stone the power to shield the wearer from intoxication. Because of this, amethyst is frequently worn by those who battle alcoholism as a symbol of mental strength and encouragement.

However, the ancient Egyptians thought that amethyst provided the wearer with confidence and protection, and it is stated that the Egyptian princess Cleopatra wore an amethyst ring. Amethyst is currently one of the most well-known gemstones and is worn as the birthstone for February.

It serves as the crown chakra for those who are spiritual and is marked with several cardinal rings and rosaries.

Close-Up Of Assorted Crystals
Close-Up Of Assorted Crystals

Six Different Types Of Amethyst

Beads made of amethyst come in a wide range of forms and purple hues. Light purple tints to practically black jewels can be found in amethyst.

  • Purple
  • Ametrine
  • Pink
  • Mossy
  • Cape
  • Sprasiolite

The most expensive amethyst beads are those that are dark purple with reddish undertones because, unlike other gemstones, amethyst's value is determined by its color rather than by its carat weight.

Even though ametrine and amethyst are two different kinds of stones, some beads, like the ones listed above, are still considered to be amethyst.

Although still stunning, pink amethyst beads are the least expensive since they only have a very faint and hazy lavender or lilac color. Small veins may be seen all around mossy amethyst beads, which can come in both dark and light colors.

While ametrine, one of the rarest gemstones, comprises a combination of citrine (yellow) and amethyst (purple) in one single crystal, Cape amethyst stones contain traces of milky white quartz throughout. Rarely does nature experience this. Heat, however, may achieve the same result.


Natural amethyst is produced in large quantities in Bolivia, Brazil, Tanzania, Uruguay, Zambia, and Arizona, among other places. Amethyst was extremely costly until the 19th century and, because of its relative scarcity, was only available to the wealthy. Since then, though, large deposits of amethyst have been found all over the world, making it easy to get and not too expensive.

Myths And Facts

  • The Greek gods said that drinking wine from wine cups with amethyst jewels on them would keep people from getting drunk and abusing alcohol.
  • The word "amethyst" is derived from the Greek word "amethystos," which means "not drunk."
  • People in the Middle Ages used the gemstone as protection and to maintain their attention during battle.
  • Amethyst, the stone of love, can be worn if you wish to seem like Saint Valentine. He was wearing an amethyst ring with a carving of Cupid on it.
  • They donned jewelry made of jewels and wore clothing stained a beautiful amethyst purple. Even now, she continues to wear a brooch from the Kent Amethysts collection.

Different Types of Amethyst and How To Tell Them Apart!

People Also Ask

What Is The Rarest Type Of Amethyst?

Amethyst's aesthetic appeal is what matters most when determining its value. When a high-grade amethyst (known as a "Deep Russian") is discovered, its value is determined by the demand for it. Even the most expensive rubies and sapphires are still far more expensive than amethyst.

What Is The Rarest Color Of Amethyst?

Quartz is a common mineral, but the best amethyst often called "Siberian color" is relatively uncommon. When seen in incandescent light, this color resembles concord grapes with a secondary red flare.

What Is The Rarest Form Of Amethyst?

Amethyst of the highest grade (called Deep Russian amethyst) is extremely rare. Collectibles are valued based on the demand of collectors when they are found.


There are different types of amethyst? With its assortment of distinctive colors, amethyst is a great addition to complete any jewelry collection. The more muted colors are great for casual everyday wear, while the deep purple stones are the ultimate statement piece.

Regardless of the shade, you decide on, you're going to adore the variety and appear-effortless splendor that amethyst stones add to your jewelry-making supplies.

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