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Risperdal Lawsuit Update 2022 - Response To Alleged Risperdal Harm


We already have the Risperdal lawsuit update 2022. Thousands of men and their families across the United States began filing lawsuits in response to alleged Risperdal harm.

The plaintiffs claim they were not adequately warned that taking the medication could result in a noticeable increase in breast tissue (called gynecomastia). Risperdal has been linked to an increased risk of developing excess breast tissue, according to research. Those who have filed lawsuits claim they were not given any prior notice.

Other lawsuits have been filed linking Risperdal use to heart attacks, unwanted weight gain, and diabetes. Some litigation is still ongoing, despite the fact that Johnson & Johnson has settled nearly all of the cases.

Risperidone, also known as Risperdal, is a second-generation antipsychotic (SGA) medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The drug is sometimes prescribed to people who have autism, dementia, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The FDA approved the drug, developed by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen-Cilag, in December 1993.

Risperdal can be administered orally as a pill or intravenously. Patients who have subscribed to pills must take them on a daily basis to reap the full benefits. Meanwhile, Risperdal injections are said to have a two-week duration of action.

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Surprisingly, some patients began taking the drug as toddlers and children. At least one of the plaintiffs in the Johnson & Johnson lawsuit began taking the drug as a very young child to treat autism.

Beginning in 2010, Johnson & Johnson was the target of thousands of lawsuits filed by men alleging that Risperdal use caused them to develop gynecomastia or excessive breast tissue growth.

This change is thought to be the result of increased prolactin levels caused by risperidone use. Risperdal has been linked to increased prolactin levels, according to research.

Plaintiff Emmanuel Jackson filed a lawsuit against Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, alleging that the drug caused excessive weight gain, breast tissue growth, and diabetes.

Jackson's case was heard in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. U.S. District Judge Denise J. Casper eventually ruled in favor of Janssen, concluding that the plaintiff had failed to establish proper causation in the case.

Johnson & Johnson had settled nearly all of the pending Risperdal lawsuits related to the development of male breasts as of November 2021. The main claim in Risperdal lawsuits is that male plaintiffs were not warned that continued use of the drug could cause breast growth.

A Maryland man named Nicholas Murray successfully sued Johnson & Johnson over this claim, and a Philadelphia jury awarded him $680,000.

People Also Ask

Is Risperdal Still On The Market?

Despite being linked to gynecomastia and other serious side effects, Risperdal remains on the market in the United States and is still prescribed to patients across the country.

Does Risperdal Cause Lactation?

Risperdal inhibits dopamine's action on the pituitary gland, causing prolactin levels to rise to abnormal levels. Prolactin stimulates breast development and milk production in women.

Can I Still Sue Risperdal?

If you or a loved one took the antipsychotic medication Risperdal (risperidone) and experienced side effects such as male breast growth, you may be eligible for a cash award settlement in a Risperdal lawsuit.

Final Words

Other lawsuits have been filed attempting to link Risperdal to excess weight gain, diabetes, and heart attacks, but those cases have either been dismissed or had the outcomes reversed.

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