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Pornography Laws Washington - What Types Are Forbidden In The State?

While some forms of pornography are unlawful in Washington, we'll focus on two specific instances: child pornography and revenge pornography, both of which are against the pornography laws washington.

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While some forms of pornography are unlawful in Washington, we'll focus on two specific instances: child pornography and revenge pornography, both of which are against the pornography laws washington.

Child Porn Laws

Viewing and owning child pornography are both prohibited by Washington law. A felony conviction for child pornography carries a sentence of more than a year in state prison.
It is imperative that you get in touch with a skilled criminal defense attorney right away if you or someone you know is accused of engaging in child pornography.

Observation And Possession Convictions

The sections of the penal law pertaining to child pornography are found in RCW 9.68A.
A person may be charged with knowingly owning and/or purposely viewing "sexually explicit images" that contain child pornography under these laws. The following offenses are charged:
  • The presence of images showing a minor engaging in sexually explicit behavior, and
  • See images of children engaging in sexually explicit behavior.
  • There are two degrees that correspond to the seriousness of each offense, with first-degree charges being the most serious.
The following sexually explicit acts or images constitute a first-degree possession or watching offense:
  • Any sexual activity that involves genital to genital, oral to oral, anal to anal, or oral to anal contact, whether it is between people of the same sex, people of other sexes, or between people and animals,
  • Any item entering the rectum or vagina.
  • Masturbation, or abusive sadomasochism, or urinating or defecating with the intention of stimulating the viewer's sexually.
The following sexually explicit acts or images constitute a second-degree possession or watching offense:
It is against the law to show the genitalia, pubic or rectal areas, or breasts of a minor in public.
touching someone's pelvic region, buttocks, or breast area whether they are wearing it or not in order to arouse the viewer's sexuality.
Regarding the first group of materials, it's important to note that the minor doesn't have to have known anything about the activity being shown.
Any person under the age of 18 is referred to as a "minor" for the purposes of these laws.
Police enforcers in an operative
Police enforcers in an operative

Penalties For Viewing And Possession

In Washington State, first-degree viewing and possession offenses are classified as Class B felonies.
The sentences range from 12 to 14 months in state jail, followed by three years of community service or probation, depending on the crime. Be aware that committing either offense multiple times can result in a 10-year prison sentence.
Class C felonies include second-degree viewing and possession offenses. Three to nine months in county jail, followed by a year of community service or probation, are the penalties for the charges.
The maximum sentence for either offense is five years in prison if there are several charges.
Whether you have been harmed or have been accused of victimizing someone else, revenge porn is a major problem.
In Washington, there are now substantial repercussions for revenge porn. If you are being tried for serious crimes, your opponents could make you feel scared.
You're allegedly guilty of a crime involving revenge porn, right? Understanding the laws in Washington addressing this offense is the first step in self-defense. Learn more about the procedure by reading on.

What Is Revenge Porn?

Sharing sexual or pornographic pornography without consent is known as "revenge porn.
Photos or videos that the subject would have reasonably anticipated keeping private could be among the material.
Revenge porn may be construed as cyberbullying or sexual harassment under criminal law.
Revenge porn can be revealed via text message, email, or even regular mail. Today, publishing photographs online is commonly referred to as "revenge porn."
If a college student obtains nude pictures of his girlfriend, that can be an instance of revenge porn.
When the couple breaks up, the ex-boyfriend might be upset. He might have sent the pictures of himself in a bikini out of rage. Later, friends might upload the pictures online.
If a woman discovers pornographic videos of her current boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend, that could be another instance of revenge porn.
She might upload the video to social media out of jealousy. This would be considered illegal, and the state could take action against this woman for breaking the law.

People Also Ask

What Age Is Sexting Allowed In WA?

What happens if the adolescent consents to having a sexually graphic or naked photo taken of them?
Even though it is permissible to begin having sex at age 16, the law states that anyone under the age of 18 is not authorized to consent to sexting.

Is 17 Considered A Minor In Washington State?

Even if the sex is consensual, it is against the law for an adult (someone 18 or older) to have sexual contact with a juvenile (someone less than 16) in Washington.
The state also bans some sexual encounters and interactions between children who are more than a certain age difference apart.

Is Viewing The Same As Possessing?

Under child pornography laws, it is important to know that watching child pornography does not count as having it.


Most of the time, porn is a safe activity, but you should always pay attention to the substance of the films to take appropriate action against lawbreakers.
Don't forget to report to the authorities any suspects who are found holding, creating, or accessing such kinds of content.
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