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Is Selling Diamonds Illegal? - Determin If It Is A Safe Business Venture

You may be wondering whether it is selling diamonds illegal?. In a nutshell, the answer is that you can sell your diamonds legally. However, you might be curious about how your diamond is evaluated and what factors exactly determine its worth.

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Diamonds are renowned for being expensive, opulent gemstones. What if you have a diamond ring lying around that makes you think of a failed relationship, and you need extra money for whatever reason?
Is selling diamonds illegal? In a nutshell, the answer is that you can sell your diamonds legally. However, you might be curious about how your diamond is evaluated and what factors exactly determine its worth. We have covered all there is to know about selling diamonds in this article. Let's get started without saying more.

Is Selling Diamonds Illegal?

It's not illegal as long as you don't misrepresent the diamond jewelry you're attempting to sell. The value of the diamond jewelry will be decided by the buyer, who will also determine the asking price. However, it would be considered fraud if you attempted to pass off synthetic diamonds as real ones.

How Much Is A Diamond Worth?

The most significant characteristics of a diamond, among many others, are its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. A well-known foundation for determining the worth and quality of a diamond is the four Cs.


The diamond's weight, expressed in metric carats, is known as the carat. 100 points make up one carat, which is divided into 15 grams. The diamond's carat weight is rated with the most objectivity.


Diamonds can be absolutely colorless, or they can have various tones of yellow and brown. The most expensive diamonds are colorless. A different scale is used to grade fancy-colored diamonds that are naturally red, blue, yellow, and pink.


Inclusions, which are internal faults in diamonds, and blemishes, which are visible flaws, are both common. It is uncommon to find a diamond without flaws or imperfections. The majority of these traits, however, may only be observed under magnification.


The "cut" is the manner in which the diamond is shaped by the cutter, as well as the accuracy and technical expertise of the cutter's work. The more precisely cut the diamond, the more lovely it is to look at.
"Cut," in the context of the 4 Cs, refers to the precision with which a gemstone is faceted by a diamond cutter. The diamond's shape is also indicated by the cut, though. Certain forms are more valued and well-liked than others.
Let's look at the table of pricing and forms for various diamond shapes with comparable qualities. Here are 10 alternative 1-carat diamond shapes to illustrate how shape impacts a diamond's value.

How Can A Diamond Be Valued?

An appraisal is a calculation of a diamond's value. The value of the evaluation will be determined by the diamond's quality and the current diamond market. Normally, the data contained in a certification will be taken into account in an appraisal. A diamond is typically appraised before being sold.
A diamond is ultimately only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. You may learn more about diamonds and the current market and determine how much your diamond is worth by conducting online research.
You can locate a qualified appraiser or jeweler that provides appraisals and schedule an appointment if you wish to have your diamond valued.
You can also request an appraisal for your diamond. You must first choose a reputable appraiser who accepts diamonds via shipping and get in touch with them to learn about their procedure.
You can send the diamond using the shipping label that some appraisers supply. Others expect you to organize your own shipment. This is why it's essential to comprehend the appraiser's procedure before choosing.
It is crucial that you acquire an adequate level of insurance if you are the one paying for shipping for your diamond in case it is stolen, lost, or destroyed in transit.
A specialist must examine your diamond as part of a diamond appraisal. They'll assess your diamond's quality. They will determine the gemstone's value based on that knowledge and the state of the market.
For an accurate inspection, the gemstone may need to be removed from your diamond if it is set in jewelry.
An in-person appraisal can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. The final report, however, may not be received for a week. If you send your diamond in for evaluation, the process could take a few days to a few weeks.
The typical pricing for a diamond appraisal is a flat rate, either by the piece or by the hour. The appraisal's typical hourly costs range from $50 to $150 per hour.
Heart shaped diamonds in dried leaves
Heart shaped diamonds in dried leaves

How Do You Obtain Diamond Certification?

You must decide on a gemological laboratory to analyze your diamond and certify it before you can get your diamond certified. It's crucial to conduct your own research so that you may choose the lab with which you feel most comfortable working because the processes and grading standards for each lab vary.
The GIAis most recognized for developing the "4 C's" system, which uses the characteristics of cut, color, carat, and clarity to assess and certify diamonds. The current industry norm is this. The depth, symmetry, polish, and fluorescence of the diamond are other factors taken into account by the GIA.
The proportions, clarity, and any defects of the stone are all depicted in various diagrams and pictures included in a GIA report. I should point out that the GIA only assesses loose diamonds. If your diamond is set in jewelry, it will have to be taken out for inspection. If necessary, a qualified jeweler can assist you with this.
To avoid any problems, the GIA website advises people interested in certification to submit their diamonds through a jeweler who is experienced with the procedure.
The size of the diamond affects the cost of GIA certification. From $48 for a 0.15–0.22 carat diamond to $110 for a 1.00–1.19 carat diamond, all the way up to $3000 for a gemstone weighing 50 carats or more, are the price points.
The EGL is the best option if you have mounted diamonds and don't want to take them out of their set because it examines both mounted and loose diamonds.
It's vital to note that the diamond will need to be mounted, making it impossible to analyze the diamond's surface or determine its exact carat weight. As a result, the report will be less convincing.
You must register for an EGL customer account before you can submit your diamond for certification. Following that, you must complete a submission form and include it with your diamond. You must apply the shipping label to your product, which is provided by EGL.
Then you must use a reputable shipping company to send your product. In the event that your package is stolen or lost in transit, we advise that you insure it.

People Also Ask

Can You Sell Just A Diamond?

Whether the diamonds are loose or mounted in a ring, there are several locations and ways to sell them. No matter where you choose to sell, keep in mind that it's unlikely you'll get an offer close to the item's full retail value.

What Happens If You Sell A Diamond?

The price you might anticipate receiving if you decide to sell a diamond is known as its resale value. Due to the retail markup and the decline in diamond prices, the resale value is frequently far less than what you paid. Diamond jewelry typically sells for between 25% and 50% of what was paid initially.

Is Making Diamonds Illegal?

The FTC claims that it is prohibited to refer to a lab-grown diamond as a "diamond" unless a description is used to indicate that it is artificial and not natural. As of right now, a business that wants to sell jewelry that was manufactured in a lab must disclose that fact.


If you're still wondering, "Is selling diamonds legal?" allow us to definitively respond: Selling diamonds is totally legal as long as you aren't advertising a fake stone; otherwise, you're engaging in fraud.
Numerous elements, including a diamond's carat weight, clarity, cut, and color, affect its value. Typically, people begin their diamond-selling journey with nearby small enterprises. These consist of jewelry shops and exchanges for diamonds and gold.
A diamond appraisal is a calculation of a diamond's value. The quality of the diamond and the present market determine the appraised value. The value of the diamonds depends on the buyer's willingness to pay.
Selecting a gemological laboratory to analyze and certify your diamond is necessary if you wish to have it certified. The most well-known and reliable gemological laboratories are GIA, IGI, AGS, and EGL.
Even though buying diamonds might be frightening and stressful, you can always visit sites like Bernardine to check the latest prices for diamond pieces.
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