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Best Tarot Readers On Youtube 2022

Being aware of the best tarot readers on youtube 2022 to subscribe to will help you stand out from others who treat tarot cards like playing cards. Tarot cards are a serious tool that may be used to find guidance, strengthen spiritual ties, listen to spirit guides, and find solutions to love and work problems.

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Being aware of the best tarot readers on youtube 2022to subscribe to will help you stand out from others who treat tarot cards like playing cards. Tarot cards are a serious tool that may be used to find guidance, strengthen spiritual ties, listen to spirit guides, and find solutions to love and work problems.
Tarot card games are common, yet they're like painting the snow white with paint. It's enjoyable yet useless. Thankfully, a few fantastic YouTube channels show viewers how to use the cards correctly.
Many profiles on YouTube are empty and belong to people who may not even be alive today. Selecting the appropriate channels is crucial. You don't want spirits to lead you through digital platforms; you want spirit guides to point you in the right direction on your path.
Just two excellent channels I included are Nicholas's Intuitive Tarot and The Quietest Revolution. Both channels are brimming with good vibes.
Finding the Pollyanna in the middle of the Scrooges is not the goal of divination, but it does help to get knowledge from those who have good energy around them, experience, and gifts. Welcome to the list of the greatest YouTube channels to subscribe to, where you may discover a channel that suits your interests, goals, and skill level.

Reasons For Choosing The Top Picks

As experienced readers, when it comes to something as important as tarot readings, spreads, archetypes, and interpretations, we are not sheep. Based on three factors, these are the top YouTube channels to subscribe to.
First of all, it has to be a constantly updated, active account. Once more, you're not trying to track ghosts. When you seek answers, you never know if ghosts will appear. Also, an active channel shows that the host is a skilled seer who does daily, weekly or monthly tarot readings.
Second, the host must make readings available to their audience upon request. Many channels are inactive shells that only pump out videos without any engagement from subscribers. The hosts of the channels listed often talk to their viewers or respond to their comments, but they don't always do readings.
The channel must also have more than 20,000 subscribers. Although this may seem trivial, it is important when seeking advice since you want the individual advising you to have a good track record.
When it comes to reading tarot cards like a pro, experience is crucial. Learning from inexperienced individuals is impossible. All three of my criteria are satisfied by the channels on the following list.
A Woman using Tarot Cards
A Woman using Tarot Cards

Do Youtube Tarot Readings Work?

The bulk of Tarot readings on YouTube does not compare to in-person consultations with a reader. For hundreds of thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands, of people, the majority of them produce videos. Therefore, each movie is often not created for a single person.
However, this does not negate the value of using the cards' advice. No matter if you receive a community reading or a pick-a-pile reading (which is highly popular on YouTube), the advice provided by the cards can still be helpful.

5 Best Tarot Readers On Youtube 2022

The Quietest Revolution, Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas, Tyler's Tarot, Eat Read Love, and Queen Of Cups Tarot are a few of the top tarot YouTube channels. The list is endless and includes tarot readers from all over the world who have discovered a center on the YouTube platform.

Intuitive Gems

Her YouTube channel's motto is "Practical Tarot for Modern Spirituality," and she uses the spiritual abilities she has developed as a result of her own life experiences and education to inspire and encourage others. It is a path toward awakening and development.
Tarot card readings, crystal readings, intuitive readings, and astrological readings are all covered on her channel. The channel began operations in 2014 and currently posts 12 videos monthly.

Moonseeker Of Light Guardianship

This Australian is a specialist in twin flames, soul mates, and soul connections on YouTube. Her tarot readings provide direction and encouragement to aid in your soul's healing. All of this is done to support your forward motion and authenticity.
The channel began operations in 2018 and now posts one video per day.

Elisa Jane Tarot Card Readings

Elisa Jane describes herself as a "global tarot reader" and hails from the UK. She possesses a psychic gift that enhances her tarot-reading expertise. She has been doing this for more than 15 years.
All visitors to her YouTube channel are given free tarot readings and life advice. However, if you would want to schedule a personal tarot reading session, you can do so by visiting her website.
Since it began operating in 2014, the YouTube channel has posted an average of two videos a week.

High Vibrations

This YouTuber views the tarot as a tremendous force in her life and an extremely useful tool for navigating the difficulties of daily living. She includes messages from her readings that she believes strongly need to be expressed.
She wants to help you get through the ups and downs of life by being inspiring. Since she started her channel in 2017, she has been releasing two videos a week.

Eat Read Love Inc

The tarot readings provided by Eat Read Love, which is situated in the United States, are done only for amusement. Sal, the owner of the station, has a disclaimer on his channel that says, "Sal does not guarantee that the reading is correct." This is in line with the lawsof many countries.
However, you will find a lot of intriguing films on this channel, spanning anything from discussing each zodiac to covering planet transitions. Sal also offers private tarot reading consultations.
Since its establishment in 2016, Eat, Read, Love Inc. has posted about four videos every day.

People Also Ask

Who Is The Famous Tarot Reader?

With her precise forecasts, astrologer and numerologist Manisha Koushik has established herself as one of the top tarot readers.

How Much Do Tarot Card Readers Make?

Tarot reading fees might vary. Expect to charge $5 and above for each reading. A select few individuals appear to make up to $250 for each reading.

Who Is The Founder Of Tarot Card Reading?

Antoine Court de Gébelin, a French clergyman, founder the Tarot card reading.


At this point, we have reached the end of the list of the best tarot readers on youtube 2022. Most tarot readings you'll see on YouTube can't compare to meeting with a professional reader in person.
Most of them are making movies with an eye on attracting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of viewers. Because of this, videos are nearly never made for a specific person. However, you should still use the cards for the guidance they provide.
The good newsis that you may acquire some practice with tarot readings by watching free readings on YouTube before investing in a personal reading. If you feel like you aren't quite ready to commit to an in-person reading, here is something you can do in the meantime.
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